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Archive: May 2014

  1. Zaki Marstani talks about re-branding his shop

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    Over the past couple of years Zaki has been upgrading the appearance of his shop. This has had very positive results and has increased his turnover by nearly 40% . Zaki talks about his experience and the opportunity re-branding provided in the short interview below.

    Find out more here

  2. Interview with Andrew Withers on View TV

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  3. Dragons’ Den

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    Have you a proposition for our friendly dragons?

    This year we have a new and very exciting event taking place during the lead up to carnival day itself. The friendly dragons will be made up of a cross section of industry and all come with a wealth of knowledge.

    Organising the event are members from the Woodley Business Club, an informal monthly meeting point for businesses and business owners in Woodley.

    Read more at Woodley Carnival

  4. More than 150 companies attend first Woodley Festival of Business

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    Entrepreneurs announced Woodley means business when executives gathered for an inaugural festival celebrating a legacy of trade in the town.

    More than 150 companies were represented at the first Woodley Festival of Business last Thursday when the town was showcased in an evening of entertainment, advice and networking.

    Read more at getreading

  5. ‘Under Cover Boss’ In Swansea

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    One of the business chiefs from Channel 4’s ‘Under Cover Boss’ has headed to our region

    Andrew Withers Managing Director of Southern Fried Chicken has been in Swansea for the launch of its new site – the first in Wales.

    Read more at The wave

    Or listen to the show here

  6. Expanding your business overseas: A 10-point plan

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    Growing your business in another country isn’t as simple as duplicating everything that has been done previously. Andrew Withers, managing director of Southern Fried Chicken, which operates franchises in 70 countries, provides 10 tips for making that international step up.

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  7. A WORLD famous businessman

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    A WORLD famous businessman who started one of the globe’s biggest fast food chains from his parents’ garage in Reading has died aged 78.

    Read more at Reading Chronicle

  8. Remembering Arthur Withers

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    Upon the passing of Mr Arthur Withers earlier this week, the whole team at the Asian Express would like to offer their deepest condolences to the family

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  9. Franchising With ‘Undercover Boss’ Andrew Withers

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    Today we were fortunate enough to have ‘The Undercover Boss’ Andrew Withers on our show Chips and Chatter. Andrew took his father ( Arthur Withers ) recipe for Southern Fried Chicken and launched an international Franchise.

    Read more at Chips and Chatter

    Listen to the interview here

  10. Southern Fried Chicken Rebrands

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    Southern Fried Chicken (SFC) Restaurant has outdoored new cooking techniques to improve its operations in Ghana.

    Read more at Ghanaweb

  11. Home Grown (Reading) Chicken

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    It’s Not Arthur’s…It’s Yours

    This is probably a Michael Cain moment, in that “not a lot of people know that”.

    I just thought I would take a minute to champion a local Reading business which stretches nationally and internationally.

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  12. Southern Style

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    Young siblings expand growing franchise portfolio with Southern Fried Chicken

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  13. Andrew Withers, Managing Director, Southern Fried Chicken

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    Andrew Withers took over the top post at Southern Fried Chicken in 1998 from the founder, his father. After 30 years devoted to the company, he describes his vision for the future of the brand.

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  14. Franchisee £50,000 refit

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    The major upgrade of a Southern Fried Chicken store in South Shields has seen the two franchisees and their franchisor reunited after they appeared on Channel 4’s Undercover Boss last year.

    Read more at Franchise World

  15. Buy Brand Video

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    Last years Buy Brand Exhibition in Moscow was one of the most successful shows for Southern Fried Chicken so far. Andrew Withers the MD talks about the show.