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Category Archive: Franchise News

  1. Southern Fried Chicken, where next?

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    The question that Chris Gibson, President of Southern Fried Chicken, gets asked more than most is “where are you looking to open next?” Well apart from the hope that the brand will be the first franchise on the Moon, by capitalising on the laws of physics and possible simple pressure frying in space, the answer isn’t that simple.

    What is clear is that after another great year signing up multi-site franchisees for another eight countries that there is a list of target destinations that are prime franchise opportunities for investors and the proven chicken brand. This isn’t just a wish list, more a defined list where Southern Fried Chicken will fit into in a territory with slight changes to cater for local culture. Places that Southern Fried can likely make its mark with limited saturation of other global brands.

    So apart from simply saying “the rest of the World” as a stock answer, the actual answer is a little more detailed, but with reason and a bit of thought and analysis.

    With success in Malta, Tenerife, Crete and Cyprus over the last two decades, there are definitely opportunities in other islands in the Mediterranean. Ibiza, Menorca, Sardinia or indeed any of the Greek Islands could certainly benefit from a seasonal operation with a special fee structure that recognises the close season, something that is slightly different to most food franchises.

    The reality is that most holiday destinations can do very well with a low cost restaurant set up that has the usual high level of training and support, just a bit more condensed during the summer months. FFS Brands are actively seeking applicants from all over the Mediterranean and with the Euro stronger than the UK pound the set up cost is lower than ever.

    The second area of real targeted interest is the Caribbean, with the usual high quality restaurant opening in the region, especially Martinique which is exciting for the brand. With huge potential in the crescent of islands a particular focus is for Cuba before other US brands start there. FFS Brands demonstrated real interest by attending the IFA in New York specifically to meet visitors from South American and the Caribbean.

    Contrary to most global brands Southern Fried Chicken isn’t fazed by gradual growth with two, three or four restaurants opening in as many years. This type of gradual growth would be frowned upon by some franchised brands but not FFS Brands.

    Africa remains the key focus after a dramatic year and with five new Master Developers joining recently. North Africa remains available but there are four specific countries targeted currently, Angola, Ghana, Mali and Namibia. All with huge potential for the brand.

    Heading East from the UK head office, Southern Fried Chicken is already established in Russia with 60 restaurants and plans for another 40. There are a further 25 in neighbouring CIS states. The natural growth is already apparent however targeted countries to further add to the brand presence is for Uzbekistan, Georgia and Turkmenistan.

    So now you know but the quickest answer is “developing markets, because we know how to set restaurants up!”

  2. New Store Openings: Early 2016

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    Southern Fried Chicken have welcomed in the new year with a flurry of new store openings!

    Two more stores have opened in Perm, Russia, bringing the total to 43 stores operated by our franchisee Alendvic. The Latest Southern Fried Chicken restaurant opened in Krasnov shopping mall.

    Another addition to our family is Southern Fried Chicken Dakar. This store, situated in a busy main street, has had an exceptional start. Our Operations Manager enjoyed 30 degrees heat during the opening, escaping the British Winter. The restaurant is decorated in our Urban style and looks beautiful. Franchisee Houssam el Riz is already well advanced in his preparation for opening store two with the building work completed and decoration underway.  Houssam and business partner Aly  are Master Franchisees for Senegal and Cote D’ivoire.

    Andrew and Chris both attended the grand opening of our first store in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Our new master franchisee for the region has done a great job opening his first shop and we look forward to opening another in 2016.


  3. Latest Newsletter

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    For the latest news on store openings, equipment and forthcoming developments click  here

  4. New store openings

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    December is shaping up to be a really busy month with 3 international store openings, the operations team are packing their bags with extra warm clothing in readiness for opening Pavlodar, Kazakhstan, Obninsk in Russia and finally a visit to Malta where we hope it will be slightly warmer than – 30 degrees.

    January is looking good too with two more stores ready to open in French Guiana and Siberia.

    Building work in Malta is nearly finished and the store is starting to take shape.

  5. Recent Uploads.

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    To better support our franchisees we have uploaded the English language manuals and wall charts, more will follow in the coming days. Contact Tony at if you are having problems accessing the download area.

  6. New photography day

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    Southern Fried Chicken are continuing investing in additional photography for our image library, so we recently spent a day with Richard Pinches who produced our slow motion videos and Kostas Stavrinos, our home economist. It was a busy day take over 10 shots! Which in food photography is quite a lot. These new products will be released to the market over the coming months.

    Visit this page regularly for more updates.

  7. Zaki Marstani talks about re-branding his shop

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    Over the past couple of years Zaki has been upgrading the appearance of his shop. This has had very positive results and has increased his turnover by nearly 40% . Zaki talks about his experience and the opportunity re-branding provided in the short interview below.

    Find out more here

  8. ‘Under Cover Boss’ In Swansea

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    One of the business chiefs from Channel 4’s ‘Under Cover Boss’ has headed to our region

    Andrew Withers Managing Director of Southern Fried Chicken has been in Swansea for the launch of its new site – the first in Wales.

    Read more at The wave

    Or listen to the show here

  9. Southern Style

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    Young siblings expand growing franchise portfolio with Southern Fried Chicken

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  10. Franchisee £50,000 refit

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    The major upgrade of a Southern Fried Chicken store in South Shields has seen the two franchisees and their franchisor reunited after they appeared on Channel 4’s Undercover Boss last year.

    Read more at Franchise World

  11. SFC in the UK market

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    We have been asked recently whether there is room for SFC in the UK market? Our answer is a simple yes! Why are we so confident? Because we know that the quality of our freshly prepared menu, the five start food standards and general appearance of our new style franchised stores is a match for any brand in the UK and indeed the rest of the world. People are more fickle than say 20 years ago, they expect high standards and the days of the greasy old takeaway are numbered. Perhaps the end is further away than we are suggesting but the gradual move to recognised quality brands is certainly evident and those that ignore the growing needs of their customers face declining sales. Indeed with every rebranded location in the UK we have seen takings increase by at least 50% overnight and in some cases over 100%.

  12. SFC is looking to expand the global network of franchised locations

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    SFC is looking to expand the global network of franchised locations this year and will be attending specific franchise exhibitions to demonstrate the real potential of the SFC brand which is now in its fifth decade of operations. The series of exhibitions starts with the British and International Franchise Exhibition at London Olympia, March 14-15th before attending the Paris Expo at the Porte de Versailles, March 23-26th and then onto South Africa for the International Franchise Expo at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg, April 10-12th. Anyone who is interested in discussing multi site operations is welcome to arrange to meet up with Andrew Withers or Chris Gibson at any of the events if they wish.

  13. Interest is growing in the Middle East and North Africa

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    Interest is growing in the Middle East and North Africa after the announcement of a new Master Franchise for Kuwait. Michel Al Hage, in December 2013. This is part of the expansion of the SFC Brand into new markets but with really serious business investors looking for multi-site restaurants while maintaining the sole rights for a country or region. With this emphasis on the developing markets 2014 looks to be a great year for the brand and already final stages of negotiation are underway for Libya, Tunisia, Lebanon, Bahrain and Morocco and a great deal of interest from Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Yemen and Jordan.